Untold story of revolutionaries of Bhagalpur (Bihar)

By: Brajesh Verma
BHAGALPUR (BIHAR) (The story is based on the interviews of one of the members of Bengal Anushilan Society, Rash Bihari Lal and the lieutenant of Azad Hind Fouz, Anand Mohan Sahay who became the ambassador of India in Mauritius, Hanoi and Bangkok. Both the pioneers of India had given me their interviews on October 7, 1984 at their respective homes situated at Puranisaraya (Nathnagar) in Bhagalpur district of Bihar in India. Both have passed away now).

BHAGALPUR, March 23: Rash Bihari Lal, the revolutionary of Bengal’s Anushilan Samiti in early 20th century and one of the close associates of Bhagat Singh, revealed that the mother of Bhagat Singh along with her younger son had visited Bhagalpur after the death of the great martyr.
On October 7, 1984 Rash Bihari Lal was leading serious health problem when this correspondent had met him in his ancestral house situated at Puranisaray under Nathnagar locality of Bhagalpur district in Bihar.
(He undersigned his statement given about Bhagat Singh and many others in my diary. I am releasing its some parts today.)

“She stayed at my house and latter on she went to the local Congress office for staying there. My house was one of the prime centers of the young revolutionaries of that day especially the members of Bengal’s Anushilan Samiti,” Lal added.
Rewati Nag, a native of Dhaka (presently the capital of Bangladesh) took admission in Intermediate class in TNB College Bhagalpur when the British police were searching him in Dhaka in connection with a murder case, informed Anand Mohan Sahay.
“Rewati Nag was the prime member of Anushilan Samiti. The meetings of the revolutionaries use to take place in the house of Rash Bihari Lal. The revolutionaries from across the country use to visit via train at night there and after making plans they returned their respective directions,” Sahay added.
MN Roy was the principal of TNB College. One day a member of CID police from Dhaka visited the principal’s chamber and said that he was the relative of Rewati Nag wanted to meet him. When a close staff of the principal informed Rewati about his relative, he did not believe and plunged into the River Ganga near Tilla Kothi. He met Anand Mohan Sahay, who somehow managed to shift him in Lal’s house.
“The superintendant of Bhgalpur police, Duf wanted to conduct raids and he did it. One of our undercover agents was also in the police department. He informed us about the move of the superintendant of police. We managed to escape a day before raids made by the police at Rash Bihari Lal’s house,” Sahay said.
After escaping from Bhagalpur, Rewati went to Banaras and started new activities there and Rash Bihari Lal, latter on, was arrested and sent to Bhagalpur jail. He did not open his mouth.
After the infamous incident of Jaliyanwala Bag, when the police were about the arrest Rewati Nag he committed suicide, said Sahay.

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